2021 Holiday Magick


I'm very thankful to be getting out once again with my story books, coloring books, and my new line of Patty's Fairy Folk Art Creations.  My newest collection of Wee Darby's characters come to life in wool.  
Please stop by and visit me, November 11th, 12th and 13th in Westminster Maryland at the juried 47th annual Mistletoe Mart, Church of the Ascension
Check out their website here,

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

I LOVE Autumn – my favorite season of the year!  I have many things to be thankful for this month, and feel blessed for my health, husband, family and friends. (I can’t forget to mention all my wonderful critters too!)   I’m excited to share a wee peek of my brand new cover – with my latest illustrations (and puzzles), to be released just in time for the fall and winter seasons! PattyKoontz_WeDarby_ColoringBook2

Mother nature never ceases to amaze me with her own magic!  Breathtaking scenery,  colorful fall leaves, orange pumpkins clustered though country fields harvested with tall cornstalks, scarecrows, and Indian Corn. Homes adorned with Autumn wreaths,  decorated jack-o- lanterns and lights to welcome wee visitors dressed in costume.  Cool evening wagon rides with friends beneath a mystical full moon. The brisk autumn mornings, (sweater weather), that’s a wee tongue twister – the smell of fresh baked gingerbread, hot apple crisps, and of course – can’t forget my favorite – Pumpkin Roll!  All this and more help to inspire me to create my own magical characters that come alive in my imagination.

Dreams really do come true!  Not only was I invited to do a private signing and showcase one of my displays recently, at Turn the Page Bookstore, in Boonsboro, Maryland on October 12th,  but . . .  I have also been invited to do my 2nd book signing with Nora Roberts on Saturday, December 7th, 2019.  So I’m busy now working on my winter and Christmas display for this exciting magical event!

I hope you enjoy a few of my photos of my fall fairy garden, and recent display.  And until next time . . . .    Bye for now . . .  (please feel free to leave me comments,  I love hearing from everyone!)

A. Patty's Fall Harvest Display - Copy

C. Patty's Wee Darby hand made scuplture - Copy


Yes,  Patty’s at it again . . .





I’m having a grand time designing a variety of sketches, including the characters and friends of Wee Darby’s, and making them into coloring books – for ALL ages!  I’m excited to share my new cover which just came out last week!  The 2nd coloring book in this series is scheduled for release this fall.

And, with plenty of new surprises in store . . . .  Since I have a following of people of “all ages” reading my stories,  I have decided to call my latest art work venture,


 Patty’s Fairy Folk Art.

Here’s my display last weekend at our local, Lawn and Garden Center


Patty’s display at Local Garden Center

Here are a few samples – remember – these are still in rough draft, but at least it will give you an idea of how I start my images


Many years ago, I had my own ceramic shop, gave lessons, and set up at  juried shows selling my work. My love for my Samoyeds, began my journey into the world of spinning their undercoat and working with various fibers – and needle felting too. . .


I then ventured on, to stained glass, where I created my own designs while  writing my stories, and still working full time.

But . . . there was still something haunting me from my past – from when I was a wee lass in school.  I LOVED Art classes  – that was . . . until the day an art teacher pulled me to the side, and told me I had “No artistic abilities”, and advised I try my hand at something else . . . .  so  the point I’m getting at – don’t ever give up your dream, like my beloved Mum, used to tell me.


sketch for cover

Please check back soon, when I post my calendar list to my upcoming shows and book signings.  If you get a chance to stop by, I’d love to chat and show you a wee bit of my work . . .

And as always,

Best Wishes and Bye for now . . .  don’t forget to leave a comment . . . I always love to hear from you . . .

20181117_105324_resized (2)Correct size - Copy

We couldn’t be more excited!!! Wee Darby invites you to stop by and say hello at one of our upcoming book signings listed below!  Come help us celebrate his 3rd (and newest) release – just in time for the holidays!

  “The Magick of Ireland and Wee Darby”.


*** Make sure to check out Wee Darby’s “Official Apprentice Quiz” at the end of his latest adventure – 25 multiple choice questions!   See if you can answer the questions and become an expert apprentice!”

(please note – The Magick of Ireland and Wee Darby should be available in local stores after November 11th, 2018)

All 3 stories are chapter books and recommended for children of all ages.

Meet mermaids, selkies, dragons, fairies, wee people and leprechauns –  and a new character named “Willow” while you get a wee glimpse of a few places I visited on my trips to visit my Mum’s beloved homeland, in Northern Ireland!

List of Upcoming 2018 Holiday Book Signings:canstockphoto47542691

Sat., Nov. 3rd  –  Carroll County Ag Center (Christmas Farmers Market)  8am – 2pm

                         Friday, Saturday and Sunday – November 16th, 17th, 18th                            Bowman’s Home and Garden Center     Christmas Open House Event     Please check back soon for hours when Wee Darby and I will be available at the store.

Sat. Nov. 24th – Eclecticity  Charming gift store, downtown Westminster 10am – 5pm

Saturday, December 15th    Jill’s Jams, Mixes & More  a lovely gift shop located inside the Westminster Mall      12 noon to 5pm

Make sure to mark your calendars now – and come meet Wee Darby!

Wee Darby’s books can also be found at Nora Robert’s,   Turn the Page Bookstore

For those of you that live too far away, here’s the links for Wee Darby’s books on Amazon:     The Magick of Ireland and Wee Darby

The Magick of Wee Darby

Wee Darby visits the North Pole


Correct size - Copy

As a child, I dreamed of fairies, dragons, castles and the wee people. I inherited my love for fantasy and magic from my beloved Irish Mum. I cherished the many stories of her home and heritage in Northern Ireland. In later years I dreamt of winged horses gliding over towering fairy trees;



and mystical Selkies and mermaids surrounded by playful dolphins and singing whales, leading to the sea . . .and floating icebergs concealing magical creatures meticulously sculptured into breathtaking crystal figurines mounted on sparkling glass prisms.

20171129_132107_resized - Copy (2)

In later years, the magic of watching fairies dancing in the wildflowers and finding enchanted openings in towering oak trees disappeared.100_0087

The harsh reality of responsibilities and adulthood soon took their place. The seed of fantasy and magic my Mum planted deep within my heart, refused to fade away.  I continued my writing, began creating and teaching ceramics, porcelain, clay, spinning fibers, and designing stained glass, to keep the magic and enchantment alive. Like a dream come true,  I finally got the opportunity to visit my Mum’s gorgeous home, in Northern Ireland (and see where she met my handsome, American father) and visit Scotland.


Blessed to have been owned and loved by a pack of “Samoyeds” for 20 plus years, their love and fond memories helped inspire my love for Christmas to set an adventure at the North Pole.    I’m thrilled to share Wee Darby’s second book, “Wee Darby visits the North Pole”, and proud to say I helped with the illustrations.  A wee preview as we look inside. . .20171029_124152_resized

Can Merlin, the sheep, really fly? Discover the mystical reindeer named Dazzle, lovable fairy penguins, and magical ice sculptures that come to life at the North Pole. Take a tour of “Kringle” village and meet Santa’s elves. Get a glimpse of the Northern Lights on a magical ride with new characters waiting to meet you, in his newest adventure, “Wee Darby Visits the North Pole”,  and we certainly can’t forget those loveable “Samoyeds” well known to carry the Spirit of Christmas in their hearts, all year round! One glimpse of those smiling faces, and you’ll certainly see why . . . .

Wee Darby hopes you enjoy this wee excerpt:  “A Krindle sized ice-sculptured carousel featuring reindeer wearing harnesses with sleigh bells stood in the center of the courtyard. The striking creatures were mounted on carved wooden platforms connecting the merry-go-round.”  and one more . . . “Sitting beside the ice sculpture of a miniature dragon perched on top of a sparkling crystal castle, at the end of the row of trees, was Kalista.”    Continue Reading »


Dark Hedges in N. Ireland

Trees are nature’s oldest living magick. I’ll always treasure the grand memories of my Daddy taking me by my hand and letting me tag along on the many strolls we took through different forest paths. A true  highlight of my childhood, while I learned about nature and the magick of trees. I’d  watch the squirrels and other creatures scurry about and make nests in the towering giants these critters called home. 

Whether strolling thru the enchanted woods where I envisioned the fairies playing and hiding beneath the caps of acorns, and knew the wee people and leprechauns lived; or else riding thru a shaded tunnel of mystical towering splendors – their magick has played a gigantic role in my imagination.


A few favorite fairy trees:

The Sacred Oak is not only king of the forest, but considered the most favored “home” of the fairies.20151002_084358 The golden flowered shrub called Gorse (also known as furze) is most definitely a fairy favorite. They love to hide among the thorny limbs, a treasured safe haven.Looking out at the ocean

The Hawthorn was once used for decorating May poles, and is still used in the making of wands for protection. It was also once considered as the witches tree.  Holly and misteltoe are just a few sacred trees of the Druids, and important to the Winter Solstice. 

Fairy Tree in N. Ireland

I’ve attached a photo I snapped of a fairy tree in Northern Ireland – the stone is placed around the bark to keep sheep and other animals from rubbing against the bark. These trees are not to be cut down for fear of angering the fairies and bringing bad luck upon yourself.  Lilac is also favored by wood nymphs as well as fairies


 To help Wee Darby celebrate spring and the release of his first book, “The Magick of Wee Darby”, we hope you enjoy this wee snippet:

“A brisk breeze rustled the large oak tree’s golden brown leaves. The sun’s bright rays filtered through the swaying branches. Darby stood quietly and admired the vibrant colors of the spectacular forest harvest. They shimmered in rich earth tones of reds, yellows, oranges, and purples. Mother Nature had certainly outdone herself this year as she speckled beauty through the woodland with her magical brush painting on a live canvas.”

To find Wee Darby on Amazon, click here:  The Magick of Wee Darby


And last, but definitely not least – Wee Darby decided to share a wee bit about one of the most magical trees of all – and one of his favorites – the silver apple tree!

Back of Wardrobe (N. Ireland)

  Not only is this enchanting tree considered as  the Tree of Youth, but is also well known as the famous magical healing tree planted in Digory Kirke’s backyard, which was later chopped down and made into the wooden wardrobe . . . . .

The magical gateway to   Narnia. 




Wee Darby has a very special post planned in May – so stayed tuned . . . as you won’t want to miss this one 😊   ****    For a chance to win a free e-copy download of The Magick of Wee Darby in time for Easter, please leave a comment and let Wee Darby know what you thought of our post.  What a wonderful preview of what to expect this fall for his 2nd release – when Wee Darby visits the North Pole.   Bye for now . . . . . . . 




My Mum

My Mum

patty-in-kiltI’m extremely thankful I had parents who encouraged me to believe in myself, and have respect for both their heritages. I was not only fascinated by my Mum’s magical stories of the “wee people”, fairies, dragons, Selkies and more – and to this day,  I’ll always treasure the memories of how I loved snuggling next to her, while she read to me out loud,

“The Chronicles of Narnia” written by C.S. Lewis (an author from Belfast Northern Ireland).


Patty in front of “The famous  Wardrobe”

I am thrilled and honored to share my first author article, published by the Herald Mail, where you can click here to read:   http://www.heraldmailmedia.com/life/invitation-to-book-signing-is-author-s-dream-come-true/article_a5e3e8b5-a52a-5e96-a09c-2388ab612e73.html

Wee Darby and I hope you can stop by for a wee bit and visit us next Saturday, at Turn the Page Bookstore, in Boonsboro Maryland!   Please feel free to leave a comment for a chance to win a free ebook copy of Wee Darby’s first book – The Magick of Wee Darby, to help us celebrate!


Bye for now . . . . .

Meet Wee Darby

Wee Darby’s excited!pattys-wee-darby-sculpture I’m thrilled to announce that his first book,

The Magick of Wee Darbypattys-coverwill be available for sale and autographs


 “Turn the Page Bookstore


in Boonsboro, Maryland!

on February 4th, 2017


We hope to see you there!

Please make sure you drop by Wee Darby’s new Facebook page

@ Wee Darby and his Magical Friends

 and say hello


This is the perfect season to be working on my North Pole adventure, when we’ll discover if Merlin can fly!   Stay tuned for updates as Wee Darby and I introduce some new characters . . . get ready to hear more about Jasper, Wilbur and two loveable Samoyeds


 Wee Darby, Kalista, Pantera and Merlin

wish everyone a magical Holiday season!


Do you believe in fairies?  Wee Darby and I most certainly do!  Have you ever noticed a sparkle of tiny lights or gotten a quick glimpse of flickering movements from inside flower petals or beneath a cluster of  wildflowers?  Or  even “thought” you just “might have heard” some giggling or sounds of  flutes playing soft whimsical tunes, while taking a stroll by fragrant, colorful flowers, that made you smile for no reason?   If so, the next time you decide to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, you might want to take a closer look . . .


Glens of Antrim, Bluebells, Portglenone Forest, Ireland

Glens of Antrim, Bluebells, Portglenone Forest, Ireland


Have you ever heard the legend of the Bluebell Fairy Thimbles – then you’re in for a grand surprise when you read about the fairies that live in the fields of bluebells, which grow wild in Ireland and Scotland. Wee Darby and his fairy niece, Pantera, are delighted to share a wee bit about the magical lore . . . .The legend tells of fairies that live among the bluebells growing in charming meadows and visited by hares (rabbits).  And humans, (or Krindles, as the fairies call us from what I’ve learned from Wee Darby), should be careful not to disturb or pick these flowers – you never want to anger the fairies – as they can play tricks on you.  Its been told how people even believed that witches turned themselves into the hares and hid among the precious plants to keep out of sight and danger. Make sure you ask permission first – the next time you get the urge to pick the precious plants . . . .

You might be surprised at just “what” or “who”  you might find . . . . . .

Here’s some lovely flowers I took photos of on my visits to Ireland and Scotland – I felt certain the fairies would love to hide in these . . . . take a closer look, you never know. . .20150927_061611fairy-flowers


Wee Darby and I are delighted you stopped by, and encourage you to please feel free to leave us comments, and let us know if you enjoy the site.  We hope everyone decides to join us again in October, to help us celebrate the release of “The Magick of Wee Darby”!   We have quite a few surprises coming up next month – just in time for a Fall Harvest celebration and Halloween!   We promise, you won’t want to miss it . . . .  Bye for now

(A Lovely illustration of my wee Pantera, (a fairy with tiny wings, who can’t fly), on her first official visit to a pumpkin patch in America) (drawn by the talented, Elise Trissel)


to pre-order a copy of The Magick of Wee Darby, available on Amazon

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