My Mum

My Mum

patty-in-kiltI’m extremely thankful I had parents who encouraged me to believe in myself, and have respect for both their heritages. I was not only fascinated by my Mum’s magical stories of the “wee people”, fairies, dragons, Selkies and more – and to this day,  I’ll always treasure the memories of how I loved snuggling next to her, while she read to me out loud,

“The Chronicles of Narnia” written by C.S. Lewis (an author from Belfast Northern Ireland).


Patty in front of “The famous  Wardrobe”

I am thrilled and honored to share my first author article, published by the Herald Mail, where you can click here to read:   http://www.heraldmailmedia.com/life/invitation-to-book-signing-is-author-s-dream-come-true/article_a5e3e8b5-a52a-5e96-a09c-2388ab612e73.html

Wee Darby and I hope you can stop by for a wee bit and visit us next Saturday, at Turn the Page Bookstore, in Boonsboro Maryland!   Please feel free to leave a comment for a chance to win a free ebook copy of Wee Darby’s first book – The Magick of Wee Darby, to help us celebrate!


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Meet Wee Darby

Wee Darby’s excited!pattys-wee-darby-sculpture I’m thrilled to announce that his first book,

The Magick of Wee Darbypattys-coverwill be available for sale and autographs


 “Turn the Page Bookstore


in Boonsboro, Maryland!

on February 4th, 2017


We hope to see you there!

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This is the perfect season to be working on my North Pole adventure, when we’ll discover if Merlin can fly!   Stay tuned for updates as Wee Darby and I introduce some new characters . . . get ready to hear more about Jasper, Wilbur and two loveable Samoyeds


 Wee Darby, Kalista, Pantera and Merlin

wish everyone a magical Holiday season!


Do you believe in fairies?  Wee Darby and I most certainly do!  Have you ever noticed a sparkle of tiny lights or gotten a quick glimpse of flickering movements from inside flower petals or beneath a cluster of  wildflowers?  Or  even “thought” you just “might have heard” some giggling or sounds of  flutes playing soft whimsical tunes, while taking a stroll by fragrant, colorful flowers, that made you smile for no reason?   If so, the next time you decide to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, you might want to take a closer look . . .


Glens of Antrim, Bluebells, Portglenone Forest, Ireland

Glens of Antrim, Bluebells, Portglenone Forest, Ireland


Have you ever heard the legend of the Bluebell Fairy Thimbles – then you’re in for a grand surprise when you read about the fairies that live in the fields of bluebells, which grow wild in Ireland and Scotland. Wee Darby and his fairy niece, Pantera, are delighted to share a wee bit about the magical lore . . . .The legend tells of fairies that live among the bluebells growing in charming meadows and visited by hares (rabbits).  And humans, (or Krindles, as the fairies call us from what I’ve learned from Wee Darby), should be careful not to disturb or pick these flowers – you never want to anger the fairies – as they can play tricks on you.  Its been told how people even believed that witches turned themselves into the hares and hid among the precious plants to keep out of sight and danger. Make sure you ask permission first – the next time you get the urge to pick the precious plants . . . .

You might be surprised at just “what” or “who”  you might find . . . . . .

Here’s some lovely flowers I took photos of on my visits to Ireland and Scotland – I felt certain the fairies would love to hide in these . . . . take a closer look, you never know. . .20150927_061611fairy-flowers


Wee Darby and I are delighted you stopped by, and encourage you to please feel free to leave us comments, and let us know if you enjoy the site.  We hope everyone decides to join us again in October, to help us celebrate the release of “The Magick of Wee Darby”!   We have quite a few surprises coming up next month – just in time for a Fall Harvest celebration and Halloween!   We promise, you won’t want to miss it . . . .  Bye for now

(A Lovely illustration of my wee Pantera, (a fairy with tiny wings, who can’t fly), on her first official visit to a pumpkin patch in America) (drawn by the talented, Elise Trissel)


to pre-order a copy of The Magick of Wee Darby, available on Amazon

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Wee Darby, Pantera, Kalista and Merlin wish to invite you for a special fairy post next weekend, September 11th to discover a few surprises coming in store for the official release of “The Magick of Wee Darby


the fairies don’t want you to miss it!


Check out Wee Darby’s surprise – his very own book!  We can’t wait for everyone to meet his friend, Kalista, a miniature dragon, and a fairy named Pantera.  You’ll have to read the story to find out more about Merlin and a few other of their magical friends.  I’ll be posting the release date soon!cover_full trim_All images are copyrighted and protected.

Wee Darby’s been busy helping me in my fairy garden getting ready for some of his friends.  Here’s a few photos.

Keep watching for news of Wee Darby’s 1st release in his new series, “The Adventures of Wee Darby” called “The Magick of Wee Darby” coming soon!

The talented Elise Trissel is doing the illustrations for my book!

But wait! there’s more!   Wee Darby and I asked the talented, Carrie, to help redo our blog site!  Isn’t the banner fantastic!  Keep watching as I add more pics and keep you posted with updates.