Wee Darby, Pantera, Kalista and Merlin wish to invite you for a special fairy post next weekend, September 11th to discover a few surprises coming in store for the official release of “The Magick of Wee Darby


the fairies don’t want you to miss it!



Check out Wee Darby’s surprise – his very own book!  We can’t wait for everyone to meet his friend, Kalista, a miniature dragon, and a fairy named Pantera.  You’ll have to read the story to find out more about Merlin and a few other of their magical friends.  I’ll be posting the release date soon!cover_full trim_All images are copyrighted and protected.

Wee Darby’s been busy helping me in my fairy garden getting ready for some of his friends.  Here’s a few photos.

Keep watching for news of Wee Darby’s 1st release in his new series, “The Adventures of Wee Darby” called “The Magick of Wee Darby” coming soon!

The talented Elise Trissel is doing the illustrations for my book!

But wait! there’s more!   Wee Darby and I asked the talented, Carrie, to help redo our blog site!  Isn’t the banner fantastic!  Keep watching as I add more pics and keep you posted with updates.



The ‘Magick’ of Ireland with Author Patty Taylor.

The 'Magick' of Ireland with Author Patty Taylor.

The 'Magick' of Ireland with Author Patty Taylor.

Did you know cats are considered “fairies” throughout Ireland, Scotland and parts of England?

Be watching for my new “Fairy Page” for more ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy Holidays!