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The Magick of Trees


Dark Hedges in N. Ireland

Trees are nature’s oldest living magick. I’ll always treasure the grand memories of my Daddy taking me by my hand and letting me tag along on the many strolls we took through different forest paths. A true  highlight of my childhood, while I learned about nature and the magick of trees. I’d  watch the squirrels and other creatures scurry about and make nests in the towering giants these critters called home. 

Whether strolling thru the enchanted woods where I envisioned the fairies playing and hiding beneath the caps of acorns, and knew the wee people and leprechauns lived; or else riding thru a shaded tunnel of mystical towering splendors – their magick has played a gigantic role in my imagination.


A few favorite fairy trees:

The Sacred Oak is not only king of the forest, but considered the most favored “home” of the fairies.20151002_084358 The golden flowered shrub called Gorse (also known as furze) is most definitely a fairy favorite. They love to hide among the thorny limbs, a treasured safe haven.Looking out at the ocean

The Hawthorn was once used for decorating May poles, and is still used in the making of wands for protection. It was also once considered as the witches tree.  Holly and misteltoe are just a few sacred trees of the Druids, and important to the Winter Solstice. 

Fairy Tree in N. Ireland

I’ve attached a photo I snapped of a fairy tree in Northern Ireland – the stone is placed around the bark to keep sheep and other animals from rubbing against the bark. These trees are not to be cut down for fear of angering the fairies and bringing bad luck upon yourself.  Lilac is also favored by wood nymphs as well as fairies


 To help Wee Darby celebrate spring and the release of his first book, “The Magick of Wee Darby”, we hope you enjoy this wee snippet:

“A brisk breeze rustled the large oak tree’s golden brown leaves. The sun’s bright rays filtered through the swaying branches. Darby stood quietly and admired the vibrant colors of the spectacular forest harvest. They shimmered in rich earth tones of reds, yellows, oranges, and purples. Mother Nature had certainly outdone herself this year as she speckled beauty through the woodland with her magical brush painting on a live canvas.”

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And last, but definitely not least – Wee Darby decided to share a wee bit about one of the most magical trees of all – and one of his favorites – the silver apple tree!

Back of Wardrobe (N. Ireland)

  Not only is this enchanting tree considered as  the Tree of Youth, but is also well known as the famous magical healing tree planted in Digory Kirke’s backyard, which was later chopped down and made into the wooden wardrobe . . . . .

The magical gateway to   Narnia. 




Wee Darby has a very special post planned in May – so stayed tuned . . . as you won’t want to miss this one 😊   ****    For a chance to win a free e-copy download of The Magick of Wee Darby in time for Easter, please leave a comment and let Wee Darby know what you thought of our post.  What a wonderful preview of what to expect this fall for his 2nd release – when Wee Darby visits the North Pole.   Bye for now . . . . . . . 




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