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As a child, I dreamed of fairies, dragons, castles and the wee people. I inherited my love for fantasy and magic from my beloved Irish Mum. I cherished the many stories of her home and heritage in Northern Ireland. In later years I dreamt of winged horses gliding over towering fairy trees;



and mystical Selkies and mermaids surrounded by playful dolphins and singing whales, leading to the sea . . .and floating icebergs concealing magical creatures meticulously sculptured into breathtaking crystal figurines mounted on sparkling glass prisms.

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In later years, the magic of watching fairies dancing in the wildflowers and finding enchanted openings in towering oak trees disappeared.100_0087

The harsh reality of responsibilities and adulthood soon took their place. The seed of fantasy and magic my Mum planted deep within my heart, refused to fade away.  I continued my writing, began creating and teaching ceramics, porcelain, clay, spinning fibers, and designing stained glass, to keep the magic and enchantment alive. Like a dream come true,  I finally got the opportunity to visit my Mum’s gorgeous home, in Northern Ireland (and see where she met my handsome, American father) and visit Scotland.


Blessed to have been owned and loved by a pack of “Samoyeds” for 20 plus years, their love and fond memories helped inspire my love for Christmas to set an adventure at the North Pole.    I’m thrilled to share Wee Darby’s second book, “Wee Darby visits the North Pole”, and proud to say I helped with the illustrations.  A wee preview as we look inside. . .20171029_124152_resized

Can Merlin, the sheep, really fly? Discover the mystical reindeer named Dazzle, lovable fairy penguins, and magical ice sculptures that come to life at the North Pole. Take a tour of “Kringle” village and meet Santa’s elves. Get a glimpse of the Northern Lights on a magical ride with new characters waiting to meet you, in his newest adventure, “Wee Darby Visits the North Pole”,  and we certainly can’t forget those loveable “Samoyeds” well known to carry the Spirit of Christmas in their hearts, all year round! One glimpse of those smiling faces, and you’ll certainly see why . . . .

Wee Darby hopes you enjoy this wee excerpt:  “A Krindle sized ice-sculptured carousel featuring reindeer wearing harnesses with sleigh bells stood in the center of the courtyard. The striking creatures were mounted on carved wooden platforms connecting the merry-go-round.”  and one more . . . “Sitting beside the ice sculpture of a miniature dragon perched on top of a sparkling crystal castle, at the end of the row of trees, was Kalista.”    (more…)

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